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La pyrolyse de pneu perdue de conception la plus chaude et la plus nouvelle à l'usine de pétrole brut avec du CE et de l'OIN

Description du produit

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Waste tire pyrolysis machine

We are specialized in manufacturing waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine, waste oil distillation machine and waste engine oil distillation machine and decolor and deodor machine to get diesel .


HuaYin company has been in this field since 1993 . it is almost 21 years. We have sold our machines to almost 40 different countries.


The following is our mature hot selling waste tire pyrolysis machine

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we design this professional workshop for making waste tire pyrolysis machine mainly . 

One month we can produce at least 20 sets of machines as we produce the machine 

in assembly line. We divide our workers into different groups to make different parts 

of the machine.

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All of automatical cutting machines can increase production efficiency. It has utility value. 


Such as rolling machine (special round and particular standard), bending machine(catalyst chamber), Computer Full-automatic Board Cutter, Straight seam welding machine automatically,Roll cone machine,NC(network computer) cutting machine.

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Every year there are hundreds of clients who are from different countries to come to visit our factories and our running factory.

our demo running machines are at least 3 years in the factory and before loading the machine, we always check every small devices using

soap water and Potable UT.So there is no gas leak and water leak.

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For one set of 10ton waste tire pyrolysis machine , the model is D2800mm*L6600mm. when loading at the port, it needs one 40HQ for the accessories and one 40FR for the reactor.


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When loading in our factory, we always put the plates on the machine to show every part details and the capacity, the model etc.


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Actually we have three different machines to get the diesel .

there are different step final oil sample in our lab.

when you come to visit our factory, you also can check it and visit our lab.


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Every year we will go to different cities and countries to attend different Exposition to let more people know this business to protect

our whole world .

Let's keep in cross right now to green the whole world!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to visit HuaYin


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